Strategic Advisory and Consulting

Business Transformation & Change

Enabling structured transformation and change beginning with understanding your organisational structure to help realise the potential in your people, processes and systems.

  1. Develop the Case for Transformation and Change

    Working with your business leaders to understand the drivers for change from your perspective to enable us to fully recognize your expectations and business challenges.

    We’ll develop the business case based on detailed research, analytics and our wealth of experience and data, which will help inform decision making based on achieving the outcomes that are right for you.

  1. Target Operating Model & Organisational Design

    Reset the CRE mechanism to best perform its strategic role for the business through operating model and organisational redesign.
    Our diverse team specialise in M&A integrations, CRE business relationship management and organisational design.

  1. Process & Operational Optimisation

    Our advanced technology platforms provide the context, insight and transparency required to fully understand your portfolio. 
    When looking at your organisation we’ll define the baseline and then compare against leading practice benchmarks, to shape an operational structure that is efficient and effective.

    We can redefine and undertake process improvement based on Six Sigma principles.

    Throughout we provide solutions (commercial, operational processes, people, digital and data) to inform your workplace strategy, realising the potential for your business and your people.

  1. Business & Behavioural Transformation

    Once we understand the ‘what’ needs to transform we will engage with the key stakeholders to map out the road to successful change implementation that delivers the specified outcomes.

    Turning business ambitions into reality we align culture and behaviours to drive improved performance through a detailed transformation roadmap, change management plan and communications strategy, as well as tracking benefits realisation.

    Success is focused on how we prepare your people to lead, adopt and sustain change – and we will support you throughout.

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