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    Should we reintroduce Help to Buy?

    Should we reintroduce Help to Buy

    Help to Buy (HtB) was introduced in April 2013 with the dual aim of boosting housing supply and helping first time buyers onto the property ladder. Under the scheme, the Government offered buyers an equity loan of up to 20% (40% in London) of the price of a new home.

  • Article | Creating Resilience

    Understanding Retail Destinations


    How do retail markets and leasing practices differ across Europe? Understanding Retail Destinations is CBRE’s proprietary digital tool serving to inform our clients about key retail markets across Europe.

  • twenty-years-on-from-the-barker-review-is-the-housing-market-still-broken-1080x1080

    20 years on from the Kate Barker review, significant challenges remain in the housing market. This report sets out the fundamental flaws that underpin the British housing market and marks the first in a series of papers in which we consider ‘how to fix the broken housing market’.

  • Article | Creating Resilience

    European Residential Regulatory Tool


    The tool allows you to compare Residential regulations between countries, find details on taxes, rent indexation, rent price regulation, lease regulation, legal dynamics, social governance and zoning.

  • Report | Creating Resilience

    UK Residential Market Trends Q4 2023


    CBRE’s Q4 2023 UK Residential Market Trends explores the latest developments in the sales and rental market. Activity in the sales market remains subdued. At the headline level, house prices were broadly stable, but performance differs across the country with several regions recording house price falls. In contrast, private rental prices have continued to rise amidst low supply and elevated tenant demand. Explore our full analysis for more.

  • adobestock_420927819

    With a shortfall of 90,000 homes over the last decade, CBRE’s latest report explores the opportunities and challenges of office-to-residential conversions to help boost housing supply in London. Read the report for our full findings.

  • AdobeStock_583600105

    CBRE’s latest report explores vertical farming, a practice that involves multi-level crop production within a controlled environment and is an alternative to traditional farming with the potential to be more sustainable. Learn about the opportunities and challenges vertical farming poses for UK real estate in the full report.

  • CBRE's report provides an overview of the latest trends in London’s new build Residential market. Prime Central London sales have been robust in H1 2023, but construction volume continues to shrink, and overseas buyers are making up a greater proportion of new build sales following the removal of Help-to-Buy. Explore our full findings in the report.

  • adobestock_211796433

    CBRE’s latest report reviews demographic trends, projecting the UK working age population to decline over the next 20 years. We investigate how this change will impact the real estate sector by examining growth in major cities and Government policy effects. Explore our findings in the full report.

  • why-are-landlords-leaving-the-rental-market-972x1296

    Being a residential landlord has become increasingly difficult in recent years. First, the additional rate of stamp duty for second properties was introduced in 2016. This was followed by the phasing out of mortgage interest relief between 2017/18 and 2020/21.

  • Report | Creating Resilience

    European Logistics Occupier Survey 2023

    The top view of a logistics workstation

    The European Logistics Occupier Survey aggregates responses only from the largest logistics occupiers from all sectors, making the findings very useful in understanding the future demand for logistics real estate.

  • will-the-proposed-renters-reform-bill-reform-the-rental-sector-972x1296

    The UK Government has introduced to parliament new legislation, the Renters Reform Bill (RRB), designed to make the private rental sector (PRS) fairer.

  • how-do-green-real-estate-lending-terms-affect-behaviour-972x1296

    In this article, we explore how green lending terms are structured, what effect they have, and how such terms might evolve in the future.

  • what-affects-the-price-of-a-green-real-estate-loan-972x1296

    The price differential between green loans and traditional loans depends on a range of factors and is changing all the time as understanding of risks evolves. In this article, we investigate why.


UK Real Estate Market Outlook 2024


UK Real Estate Market Outlook 2024

2023 has been a challenging year for real estate due to persistent inflation and a 15-year high in interest rates, both of which negatively impacted economic growth.

Read the Outlook Report

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