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From shifting demographics and population migration to emerging infrastructure and industries, examine the forces transforming cities and uncover new opportunities in the world’s economic centers.

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  • Metropolitan Office Building

    CBRE’s European Office Occupier Sentiment Survey 2023 pointed to a likely reduction in space taken by corporate occupiers. However, in Central London, occupier contraction is actually in the minority rather than part of a trend.

  • gettyimages_1170904715

    The demand for green building features is one factor driving the flight to quality in the Central London office market. This is leading to a growing supply-demand imbalance, which we expect will intensify as 91% of office stock set to return to the market by the end of 2027 has an EPC rating lower than B. Over half of this space is at risk of obsolescence; what does this mean for the current stock?

    Explore our analysis of the opportunities and challenges this presents for the Central London office market in the viewpoint.

  • adobestock_113514260

    CBRE’s latest report reviews whether key European markets have experienced a lasting e-commerce growth effect as a result of COVID, and the associated implications for retail real estate. Key highlights include:

    • Europe’s top six e-commerce markets account for over 70% of total European e-commerce spending
    • Most markets have returned to, or are behind, their pre-pandemic trend rate of e-commerce growth. Spain is an outlier, having grown almost a year ahead of trend

    • Footfall and tenant sales across European retail assets have largely recovered, and continue to improve

  • Article | Creating Resilience, Future Cities, Intelligent Investment

    How is the ESG real estate loan market evolving?


    This article reflects on our experience of how and why lenders are embracing ‘ESG-friendly’ lending, how new guidance is accelerating progress, and what borrowers need to do to meet the new requirements which lenders are asking for.

  • Article | Adaptive Spaces, Evolving Workforces, Future Cities

    How can organisations incorporate inclusive design into their workplaces?


    Incorporating inclusive design remains a relatively low priority for office occupiers, despite a growing need for organisations to attract and retain diverse talent.

  • Article | Creating Resilience, Future Cities

    How can property managers navigate the energy crisis?


    The energy crisis is a complex challenge, determined by politics, geography, supply, and a host of other factors. The Utilities team at CBRE discuss the four main themes.

  • Article | Future Cities

    Can warehouses be good neighbours?

    Bird view of a warehouse

    Our latest European Logistics Occupier survey revealed that a third of respondents see expansion into urban locations as a high priority. This partly reflects the need to be centrally based to fulfil rising customer expectations.

  • whats-driving-consumers-to-londons-estates-488x636

    London’s Great Estates are some of the city's most attractive and distinctive neighbourhoods and are leading the charge when it comes to enticing back consumers.

  • Report | Future Cities

    UK Tech Cities Report 2022


    The UK Tech Cities report ranks cities outside of London based on their attractiveness to tech occupiers.

  • Report | Future Cities

    London Planning Pipeline 2022

    Key takeaways:

    We are currently building double the number of homes in London than we were ten years ago, but that is still leaving us around 15,000 homes a year away from me


UK Real Estate Market Outlook 2024


UK Real Estate Market Outlook 2024

2023 has been a challenging year for real estate due to persistent inflation and a 15-year high in interest rates, both of which negatively impacted economic growth.

Read the Outlook Report

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