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  • How has real estate performed relative to other asset classes during the downturn

    The last two years have been challenging for commercial real estate investors. Values of many real estate investments in the UK have declined; the CBRE UK Monthly Index shows values have fallen by over 20% since June 2022.

  • Timing matters Navigating the UK commercial real estate investment market

    Commercial real estate returns vary over time as conditions change in the economy and in financial markets. Since June 2022, we have seen UK commercial real estate values fall by c.22%. This has affected many investors in terms of their reported investment performance and portfolio value, while some will have seen further effects on their funding and business plans.

  • uk-logistics-do-developers-believe-now-is-the-right-time-to-re-enter-the-market-1080x1080

    The level of logistics stock under construction has been consistently slowing for the past four quarters. But we may have reached a turning point, 22 new developments started construction in Q4 2023.

  • forecasting-mortgage-rates-in-2024-and-beyond-1080x1080

    Mortgage rates are now past their recent peak. An 85% Loan-to-Value (LTV) 2-year fixed mortgage rate has come down from a peak of 6.35% in August 2023, to 5.03% in January 2024, according to the Bank of England.

  • Article | Intelligent Investment

    What does history tell us about rate cycles?


    UK base rates have been on hold now at 5.25% for 6 months since August 2023, and the narrative has very much changed from “have we reached the peak?” to “when will rates come down and by how far?”.

  • Debt Financing

    Our 2024 Investor Intentions Survey suggests that sentiment is improving in real estate markets, with UK real estate investors intending to increase activity this year. One factor behind this shift is improved expectations for UK inflation and interest rates.

  • adobestock_177641645 copy

    Refinancing hit the headlines last year as the combined impact of lower capital values and higher interest rates made it more challenging for borrowers wanting to refinance real estate loans. Funding gaps emerged in cases where the amount of debt now available was less than the amount originally borrowed.

  • Article | Intelligent Investment

    Will UK investor activity increase this year?

    Business advisor

    Reflecting the challenging economic and financial backdrop, UK commercial real estate investment volumes were subdued throughout 2023. However, our 2024 Investor Intentions Survey indicates that confidence may now be returning among investors.

  • Report | Intelligent Investment

    UK Logistics Market Summary Q4 2023


    In Q4 the UK Logistics market saw a marked increase in take-up compared to the previous quarter. Demand for logistics space remained diverse throughout 2023, with 76 different occupiers acquiring space. For a detailed overview of the sector's Q4 highlights and the overall performance of Logistics assets throughout 2023, explore the full report.

  • Report | Intelligent Investment

    UK Economic Outlook Q1 2024


    Although inflation is on its way down, the slight uptick announced yesterday indicates that the path back to the target rate is unlikely to be smooth. However, we remain confident we are going in the right direction, especially as the cooling labour market will lead to lower wage growth and subsequently reduce core inflation.

    Lower inflation and interest rates will improve real incomes and reduce the debt burden, stimulating spending and investment from both consumers and businesses, leading to a gradual improvement in the economy.

    For our detailed forecasts and insights on the impact of the latest economic trends for commercial real estate, read the full report.

  • adobestock_362376161 (1)

    In 2024 the UK will go to polls, it is generally assumed an election will cause market uncertainty, potentially influencing real estate decisions whilst navigating the evolving political landscape. However, our research highlights the resilience of the property market when faced with elections; the upcoming general election in 2024 may even lead to market improvements, creating opportunities for investors. Read our viewpoint to find out more.

  • Report | Intelligent Investment

    UK Residential Forecasts Q4 2023


    The new UK Residential Forecasts report from CBRE provides an overview of our house view for the sector, including forecasts for house prices, sales volumes, new build sales, and private rented sector rents.

    Our latest forecasts indicate:

    House prices are anticipated to fall marginally by 0.9% in 2024
    Sales volumes are expected to remain consistent with 2023, but new-build sales in London are likely to rebound faster
    Rents are forecast to grow by a further 5.1% in 2024

    Explore our findings in the full report.

  • Report | Intelligent Investment

    The debt funding gap for European real estate


    Rising interest rates and falls in real estate values have led to tighter lending conditions in real estate markets, with reduced availability and an elevated cost of debt. As a result, investors face challenges in refinancing debt that was originated in the 2019-2022 period. CBRE has conducted a thorough analysis of the debt funding gap in Europe, specifically examining its implications for six major real estate markets and four key sectors. Explore our findings in the full report.

  • adobestock_416057174

    CBRE’s latest viewpoint examines which bond yields are more relevant for benchmarking UK real estate pricing. Explore the advantages and challenges of using Government and corporate bond yields with our detailed analysis.

  • Report | Intelligent Investment

    European Self Storage Industry Report 2023


    The 12th annual Federation of European Self Storage Associations (FEDESSA) survey, co-produced by CBRE for a second year, assesses the European self storage market. In what has been a turbulent year for operators, businesses, and consumers alike, the industry has navigated multiple challenges in the macroeconomic and wider socioeconomic landscape.


UK Real Estate Market Outlook 2024


UK Real Estate Market Outlook 2024

2023 has been a challenging year for real estate due to persistent inflation and a 15-year high in interest rates, both of which negatively impacted economic growth.

Read the Outlook Report

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