UK Capital Flows In & Out

The Future of Sustainability Standards

European Debt Map Q2 2021

A Step Change for Fire Safety

Four years after the tragedy at Grenfell Tower, the Fire Safety Act 2021 has been written into legislation.

European Data Centres Q2 2021

UK Real Estate Market Outlook Mid-year Review

The shorter-term issues arising from the pandemic will continue to weigh on real estate throughout 2021, though each sector will be affected differently.

Human Touch: The Author of 'The Grid' on Making Better Business Decisions and Delighting Clients

With profound changes sweeping through most industries, Spencer speaks with Matt Watkinson, author of 'The Grid', about strategies for anticipating market evolution, adapting to the challenges every business faces and making better decisions.

See the Future of Work

The global pandemic has fundamentally altered the way we live, work and invest, forcing us to reimagine everything—especially how and where business gets done.​

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