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Digital Advisory

Enabling clients to realise the potential for digital and data to drive value for their assets, shaping the strategy, identifying solutions, and implementing sustainable change.

Digital Advisory

What do we mean by ‘Digital’?

Digital is increasingly forming an essential part of our clients strategies. Our “business-led” approach to technology, focuses on outcomes and strategy over point solutions and technologies. Driving stakeholders towards a common goal, whilst providing a framework which allows for flexibility and adaptability. 

Creating a clear strategy, supported by a set of Use Cases which define the desired business outcomes, we’re able to form the foundation of a successful Digital Strategy & Roadmap. Enabling our clients to make more informed decisions about which technology solutions to invest into. We provide tailored support to clients across three areas: Digital Strategy, Digital Market Scan, Digital Transformation.

We advise clients on a range of topics covering the intersection of real estate and digital:

    • Data alignment and analytics
    • Smart Building Solutions
    • Base Build Requirements
    • Digital Workplace
    • Experience Apps
    • Integration Platforms
    • Blockchain / AI
    • Metaverse / Web 3.0
    • IoT
    • Digital Twins
    • BMS Futureproofing
    • Space Management
    • Booking Platforms


  1. Digital Strategy

    Create a clear vision and strategy for the role of digital in meeting your business and asset / workplace needs. Align stakeholders around clear digital use cases and functional requirements, to enable prioritised investment into digital real estate solutions.
  2. Digital Market Scan

    Build the business case for your real estate technology investment and help you select the best providers in a complex market. Design appropriate pilot to test chosen solution.
  3. Digital Transformation

    Support the successful roll-out of your digital transformation programme, to help you sustain digital change. Establish the digital readiness and maturity of your business and asset / workplace. Define appropriate operating model / solution and help manage the change. 

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