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UK&I Annual ESG Report 2022

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Aim: To create an inclusive, innovative and engaging culture where our employees can realise their full potential

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Our Progress

We have implemented initiatives and taken key actions to meet our DE&I goals and are encouraged to see greater gender and ethnicity balance across our business, including with our NextGen cohort. To help reduce the gender pay gap, we launched a Gender Action Plan, developed with key stakeholders across the business. We will continue to progress this work and are improving our declaration rate on DE&I data to support this.

ESG upskilling was busy as ever this year with our Stickerbook training, Talent Coach offering and partnership with UKGBC, as well as through sustainability events and talks hosted by our All Greens staff network.

The Stickerbook platform incentivises sustainability learning through gamification, rewarding colleagues with digital stickers for successfully completing learning through watching short videos and answering questions.

Our EBRGs have made huge impacts across the business, supporting and developing DE&I initiatives, including with healthcare policies, educational seminars and staff mentoring offerings.

Our Approach

Embed inclusiveness in all our processes, across our entire business, so that diversity is part of everything we do

Enable everyone to maximise their ambition and potential to deliver greater employee experiences and a highly engaged workforce

Leverage our ‘WorkWell’ programme to embed dynamic working across our entire business and empower everyone to prioritise their well-being


Our ambition: Improve the declaration rate of DE&I data provided by our employees.

Our progress: In the UK and US, CBRE undertook a Self Identification campaign in 2022 to drive our declaration rates. We saw increased declarations across all our data points.

Declaration Rate

We have changed our promotion period which means the results below don’t align with timescales of previous years and won't reflect the latest promotions.

Our ambition: 30% ethnic minority representation at Associate Director level and below by 2025.

Our progress: We are proud to see a 3.1% increase in this figure from last year. This has been supported by improved data monitoring, network initiatives and recruitment.


Ethnic minority representation at Associate Director level and below

Our ambition: 10% ethnic minority representation at Director level and above by 2025.

Our progress: We have seen a slight increase in ethnic minority representation at Director level and above since last year.


Ethnic minority representation at Director level and above

Our annually produced Gender Pay Gap report showed that the annual hourly gender pay gap for our Advisory business is almost 29%. We are encouraged that we have continued to see marginal improvements annually on this figure.

We are committed to attracting, developing and retaining women across our organisation. Our approach is outlined in our Gender Action Plan, which was developed between our People Team, UK Advisory Leadership and the Women’s Network.

Our ambition: 50% female representation at Director Level, 40% at Senior Director and 30% at Executive Director by 2025.

Our ambition: 60:40 gender split at each level from Associate Director Level and below by 2025.

Female Representation

Our Employee Business Resource Groups

Throughout the year our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) Strategy has delivered a number of highlights. These have been collaborative between our Employee Business Resource Groups (EBRGs), DE&I office and our People Team. Highlights include:

Our annual Inclusion Fest saw over 3,300 people take part in educational events raising awareness of key inclusion issues.
Our Benefits Team extended health insurance to include gender dysphoria and Trans healthcare.
Our Ability Network launched a parent/carer neurodiversity support group.
Our PROUD Network celebrate 50 years since the first pride in London with our ‘Can’t Hide My Pride’ Campaign.
Our Women’s Network launched a Men as Allies Charter to increase the support for gender equality at CBRE.
Our Family and Women’s Network supported our People Team to review the experience of those returning from maternity to ensure the right support is in place.
Our Armed Forces Network began the process of creating a recruitment platform, Aurora and Babel, to recruit forces personnel into CBRE roles, which will be completed in 2023.
Our Women’s and REACH Network collaborated on a Career Mentoring Programme, matching over 100 people through the promotion process.
Our People Team worked with our EBRGs to inform industry leading policies and support for Workplace Adjustments, Carers and Domestic Abuse.
Our Faith Network launched a new education guide ‘Holding Faith’, providing key information about the intersections of faith and the workplace.


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