Supply Chain & Consumer Advisory

For Retail Occupiers

Helping you target the right customers by being in the right location, with the right format, right across the world.



Whether you’re seeking to expand, rationalise or optimise your multi-channel retail real estate network, we can help.

Supporting retail and leisure occupiers, ensuring they make the best data-driven decisions by combining data, market analysis tools and innovations in technology to produce impartial and pragmatic recommendations for a profitable multi-channel location strategy.


Helping you determine how many stores you need, where they should be located and what are the best formats to service your customers’ needs. We forecast store sales, quantify the halo-effect of outlets on your brand and digital sales, understand where to target online digital advertising, and help you navigate the complexities of digital and physical retail, by location.


Divesting stores based purely on real estate costs is inefficient and limits potential growth. By factoring location information, cannibalisation, trading potential, online impacts, re-purposing potential, and real estate data; we can create a dynamic future-proofed store network.

Multi-channel Optimisation

Legacy stores and historic decisions can adversely affect today’s performance of your store network. By better understanding the real multi-channel potential of existing locations, where new opportunities are, and which outlets are critical to your business, we can develop an optimisation programme based on lease events for you to have the optimal mix of stores, locations and formats for long-term, profitable, multi-channel success.

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