Supply Chain & Consumer Advisory

For Industrial Occupiers

Helping you identify the right location, design new facilities, better understand your industrial portfolio and identify real solutions for attracting and retaining labour.

SC_CA industrial occupiers


The right location

Supply chain network modelling is pivotal to the commercial rationale of a distribution centre or manufacturing site. 
Delivering the right solution for you, through a variety of network modelling approaches. Helping you utilise different location options, future proofing your business.

The right design

People, processes and systems are at the heart of maximising the performance of an operation. We can help maximise your performance by right sizing process areas, scaling storage requirements, identifying the most appropriate technology solutions and balancing efficiency and flexibility across manual, mechanical and automation options.


Knowing your industrial portfolio is essential to making key real estate decisions. Giving you this base visibility means we can help you identify tactical and strategic decisions, from consolidation of sites to facility redesign, to releasing value from owned, leased and third-party assets.

Winning the battle for labour

Utilising a selection of proprietary and publicly available data sources and tools to deliver you actionable recommendations so you can win the battle for the labour.

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