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We can help you rightsize your space whilst analysing cost savings.


About us

Costsizing is an advisory led approach. We estimate your new footprint, work out the best strategy to release or acquire space and calculate the costs and savings of doing so.

Our sophisticated scenario modelling tools, paired with our local market knowledge, provide you with realistic recommendations and achievable actions.

The process starts with an evaluation of your current position; the result is a detailed strategy that includes expected savings, costs and risks.

We deliver bespoke solutions that achieve cost reductions, activating your Future of Work strategies and guide you through every part of the process.

Our proven 5-step Costsizing approach gets results in as little as 4 weeks.

Questions that Costsizing answers:

  1. How much space do you need? (An estimate based on your new ways of working)
  2. How feasible is it to release space or relocate in each market? (And your options for doing this)
  3. What are the savings (compared with any investment costs or risks) – from a cash and P&L perspective?
  4. What wider cost reduction levers can be pulled to drive savings?
  5. Programme Delivery & Execution

What will I get out of this process?

  • Estimated space requirement by site
  • Bespoke site strategy for each site which provides:
    • Recommended strategy for releasing space (based on market insight)
    • Savings vs investment financial impact modelled by cash and P&L
    • Wider cost reduction opportunities summary

What outcomes can I expect?

  • A clear picture of the feasibility of rightsizing your space – based on expert market insight and modelled by cash and P&L
  • Cost reduction of up to 40%, depending on market conditions
  • A cost and space efficiency strategy that evaluates savings, costs and risks

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