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We can help you to find your new way of working and rightsize your space; it’s called Spacesizing.


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We’ve seen companies changing the way they think about remote working, and starting to consider what this means in terms of the type and amount of space you may need in the future.

We can help you to find your new way of working and rightsize your space; it’s called Spacesizing. 

Through analysis of your people’s working patterns, we will determine which operations and roles are best provided remotely or in an office, and determine the amount and type of physical space you need in the future to best align to those needs.

Doing the work now to figure out your workplace requirements for the future will mean an optimised property footprint, while providing the flexibility needed to win the war for talent, and realising property savings across your portfolio.

We’ll help you understand what the future looks like and guide you through the changes you need to make to get there.

Our team can help you figure out:

  • What is our future way of working?
  • What does this mean for the design of my workplace?
  • How much space will we need, and what type?
  • What are the associated costs and savings?
  • How do I manage the change?

What are the benefits of Spacesizing?

Cost savings – Through rightsizing your space to the amount you need

Productivity and wellbeing – Through providing remote working flexibility and the office space and environment 

Resilience – Through aligning your space with your needs 

Our three-stage process makes it clear and easy to navigate the changes. Your business will emerge resilient and ready for the future.

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