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Surplus Space Disposal

Helping our clients offload surplus space at a building or portfolio level.


In recent research we found that 81% of our clients expect portfolio contraction over the next 3 years. Surplus space is therefore becoming a more prominent issue for corporate real estate teams.

To address this challenge, we have developed a unique approach to help our clients de-risk surplus space at a building or portfolio level. Our approach can be applied to any asset type or location.

Turning liabilities into opportunities

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We recognise corporate real estate teams are being challenged like never before to action cost reduction, risk mitigation and effective resourcing strategies in an increasingly uncertain economic environment.

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Today there are hundreds of millions of pounds in lease liability on balance sheet across the FTSE 100. This is negatively impacting financial statements, diluting key business health measures, and prolonging decision making.

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Our research tells us that companies expect this position to worsen in the near-term as markets evolve and consumer behaviours change.

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Routes to dispose of surplus space have been restricted by the asset class, property condition, location, and state of the market.

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CBRE are committed to supporting our occupier client’s response to the surplus space challenge by creating bespoke solutions. We recognise that every surplus liability and every client objective is different.

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By combining both traditional and performance-led structures we can help you to accelerate your surplus space exit and mitigate risk at the lowest cost.

CBRE’s Insights

CBRE has been conducting research over the last 18 months reaching over 450 of our clients.

Key topics identified by our clients

  1. Portfolio vacancy at an all-time high

    20% is the average vacancy level across our client’s European portfolios

  2. Cost control is key

    55% of clients are citing cost reduction as their near-term top priority

  3. Companies seeking to sharpen their portfolio performance

    81% of clients expect portfolio contraction over the next 3 years

  4. In the office environment, occupancy remains low

    Only 3% of clients recognise an alignment between future of work strategy and employee take-up, enhancing surplus space challenges

A closer look at our approach: Solutioning for surplus space challenges


Determine objectives and portfolio characteristics


Solution optimal route to exit


Maximise financial and operation outcomes

Every surplus liability is unique, bringing its own challenges. Our proven approach to surplus space solutioning accounts for the complexities you will face and provides you with an agile and tailored solution that accelerates asset or portfolio exit while maximising operational and economic outcomes.


CBRE offer best in class, multi-disciplined teams combining consulting, corporate finance, and market expertise. Our experts in surplus space disposal, offer clients end to end support.

We are uniquely positioned to provide practical guidance and support, no matter your starting point, to ensure that you optimise both operational and financial outcomes and turn your surplus liabilities into opportunities.

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