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Hybrid Working

We will support you in all aspects of successfully navigating your future of work strategy.


How to make hybrid work

We are at a unique point in the real estate sector where external market conditions and the influence of the pandemic have fundamentally challenged the status quo.

CBRE’s Insights

CBRE has been conducting survey-based research over the last 18 months reaching over 450 of our clients and exploring various critical hurdles such as the ongoing Global Energy crisis, ESG, Net Zero targets and Inflationary and Economic factors.

Return to office: Key topics identified by our clients

  1. Office occupancy remaining low

    Only 3% of clients are happy with their current office occupancy levels

  2. A Blended hybrid working model is still dominant but Office First and Virtual First starting to gain ground

    30% of Financial Services clients and 19% of Technology, Media & Telecoms clients favour and Office First working model

  3. Increased uncertainty around Future of Work plans

    20% of clients are revisiting their decisions on the Future of Work

  4. Companies seeking to sharpen their portfolio performance

    81% of clients expect portfolio contraction over the next 3 years

The challenges you might currently be facing

  • Leadership frustration with low office presence
  • Challenges in maintaining team culture and employee engagement
  • Points of friction in the ‘in-office’ experience leading to increased employee dissatisfaction
  • Under-utilised office space and a lack of certainty on future space requirements

What could 'good' look like?

  • A seamless ‘in-office’ hybrid working experience that maximizes the benefit of community
  • Effective hybrid working routines, clear promotion of when to prioritise time in the office and why
  • Leadership values and actions that incentivise equity and fairness for all
  • A rightsized office footprint that balances the need for efficiency, with a high-quality experience that enhances the employee value proposition

How do you get there?

CBRE are helping companies to reimagine the workplace experience and address the challenges of ‘Making Hybrid Work’.

It’s clear that companies are struggling, this is a complex and emotive topic for both employees, who have adapted their work and personal lives to remote working, and for leaders who are concerned about employee engagement and productivity.

We believe here are 3 key areas where employers can step up to improve and gain an edge

  • The Workplace Experience that employees have when they visit the office
  • The Hybrid Routines in place to support effective hybrid working
  • The Culture and Behaviours that are expected from employees and leaders

Companies must look at these in combination to ensure a sustained change in ways of working.

Workplace Experience

Workplace quality
Accessibility to community
Workplace technology

Hybrid Routines

Hybrid working frameworks
Manager upskilling
Team charters

Hybrid Behaviour

Leadership values and actions
Incentives and consequences
Mindset and behaviour


A closer look at Making Hybrid Work

hybrid working


With expertise in Human Capital, Workplace Consulting, and Change Management, we are superbly positioned to help you diagnose the challenges you are facing and provide practical guidance and support.

No matter your starting point, we’ll help you to define what successful hybrid working looks like and guide you through the changes you need to make.

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