Retail solutions and analytics

retail solutions and analytics


Providing you with data driven insights at every stage of the asset life cycle. From acquisition due diligence, asset management support and single asset and portfolio reviews we work to understand the performance of retail locations through a combination of market leading data sets and real estate expertise. Our empirical ‘real world’ data allows us to understand who is visiting each location, with what frequency and the market share of each versus its competitors. We use these insights to create actionable insights that enhance tenant performance and support leasing activity.

We recognise that retail is undergoing a period of significant transformation and that the role stores have is changing. To this end we have worked to develop a methodology that assesses the contribution of a store across all channels and the resulting impact on overall affordability. This seeks to give investors greater confidence on the sustainability of cash flows expected from an asset and the likelihood of tenants seeking to reduce rents or exit a location.

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