Realising the workplace of the future

Digitally Enabled

We seized the opportunity to reimagine the workplace as a catalyst to introduce new ways of agile working, optimise its London footprint and drive efficiencies.


Digital first enablement

Key to the success of the digital strategy for Henrietta House was a focus and understanding of CBRE’s people. We wanted our people to be:

Agile and Flexible Mobile Digitally Enabled
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Using information taken from surveys, interviews, workshops and people data we were able to understand the diverse needs that digital must respond to support how they work.

The building needed to meet the requirements of the organisation, its people and clients. A resilient digital infrastructure will enable CBRE to meet it’s ambitious ESG targets, drive improved efficiency from the building, improve the overall productivity and enhance the experience of all building users; employees and clients.


Smart features

We have introduced innovative technology to ensure optimal building management and colleague wellbeing.

  • Integrated Community App

    CBRE Host

    Is CBRE's employee flexible workplace experience app and platform. The Host app enables employees to seamlessly connect with key building resources such as desk finding, room bookings, finding your colleagues and more.

  • Occupancy Monitoring

    XY Sense

    Sensors to capture real time occupancy and space use to inform office occupancy and facilitate space and desk booking.

  • Energy Management Optimisation Platform

    CBRE Asset IQ

    Is CBRE’s building operation technology, it helps to understand the operation of the building and identify, fix, improve, monitor and report performance.

  • Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

    CBRE Breathe

    Is CBRE’s Air Quality service to gain insight into and understand and improve indoor air quality.


Insight into action

The insight generated from our smart building technology empowers our people to work at their best.

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Henrietta House: Realising the workplace of the future

We have realised our vision to create an inspiring and energising workplace.


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