Francis Crick Institute, LB Camden

Francis Crick Institute

Our Role
Planning, Research, EIA, Project Management, Development Management

2007 – 2019

Life Sciences

c 100,000 sqm Life Sciences

CBRE Planning has been the leading planning consultancy in life sciences floorspace provision long before the influence of the pandemic hit this sector. When we achieved the permission for The Crick we could not have anticipated that this would be such a strong catalyst for both life sciences in London but also the regeneration of this part of LB Camden. The Council, seizing on this opportunity, has since drafted an area strategy known as the Knowledge Quarter, that looks to marry the ambitions of life sciences companies and public sector research institutions with Camden’s planning policies that try to ensure that local communities and stakeholders also feel the benefits of development.

Life sciences buildings have their own complexities that are often misunderstood by local stakeholders and this is a lesson that we quickly learned at The Crick and have taken forward on other sites. Whilst it is a matter of prestige to have internationally significant institutions within their area or borough, there remains suspicion as to what these organisations are actually doing within these highly secure buildings and what the day to day impacts will be. Demystifying the issues, being open and collaborative, and taking a highly evidence based approach to answering those concerns was our successful approach, whilst at the same time working on the strategic communications with key decision makers.

The Crick represents one of the best examples of CBRE bringing together a particularly wide range of services to deliver an exceptional development.


  • Hannah Blunstone