Chinatown Portfolio, City of Westminster

Shaftesbury Plc

Our Role

2019 – Present

Estate Management

Chinatown for many Londoners has long been a place to walk through occasionally but usually on your way to somewhere else. In a sense that probably never really mattered with tourist income ensuring that its restaurants were content and a sufficiently large British born east Asian population keeping trade in its supermarkets healthy. However, Chinatown has distinctly changed in recent years and is being rediscovered by a wider spectrum than tourists largely due to the growing variety and quality of its food offer.

Our role alongside Shaftesbury is to continue to provide a planning estate management services that facilitates this change to a more discerning tourist and Londoner crowd . At the same time we are looking to future proof development for the potential impact of both The Elizabeth Line opening and Crossrail II bringing hundreds of thousands of additional pedestrians to Chinatown.

We manage an extensive portfolio of planning applications covering all manner of changes and complexities to buildings but also focus on improvements the public realm. We have achieved permission for a number of politically sensitive applications from a portfolio-wide CCTV system to a culturally important authentic pagoda.