50 Berkeley / 50 Stratton Street

Astrea Asset Management

Our Role

2020 – Present

Offices & ESG

34,973 sqm, 376,446 sqft class E space

Environmental, Social and corporate Governance (ESG) will continue to have a particular influence across the West End as investors focus on more sustainable outcomes for sites whilst at the same time local authorities seek to apply the highest environmental standards.

‘50/50’, as the project became known, involved taking two tired back-to-back office buildings and reinventing them in a much more environmentally aware manner. At the same time, and to deliver a viable development, a significant amount of floorspace was added to the buildings.

The two buildings had distinct characters. 50 Berkeley Street was a solidly built imposing thirties headquarters building and the architects, Stiff & Trevillion, took a pastiche approach to adding massing to the lower floors whilst adding a very modern rooftop floor that took advantage of views across Mayfair and St James’s. 50 Stratton Street by contrast was a product of the 1990’s but in essence a good building that needed a stronger ground floor presence as well as a more prominent series of set back roof storeys.

We navigated the proposals through the planning application process in an extremely efficient manner. The message around the environmentally aware approach as well as the quality of the design and the incorporation of generous public realm proposals registered with the decision makers and local stakeholders.