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Impact Investment Funds

We set up and manage Real Estate investment opportunities for the public sector to support regional economic growth by providing tailored lending strategies, project origination, and investment execution.


The success of our Impact Funds is clear

10 years track record investing for ESG outputs alongside financial return.


Impact Funds managed by CBRE Investment Advisory

North West Evergreen Fund

Funding high quality speculative projects with a focus on energy efficient development in high-value employment sectors, in Greater Manchester, Cheshire.

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Northern Ireland Investment Fund
Northern Ireland Investment Fund

Meeting the funding gap for economically important projects in a variety of sectors Northern Ireland in support of regional growth, as well as energy efficiency and energy generation projects, that cannot source traditional debt.

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SCR Jessica
SCR Jessica

Enabling the Sheffield City Region to support important strategic and employment schemes within its geography through development debt.

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Cardiff Capital Region Strategic Premises Fund
CCR Strategic Premises Fund

Funding high quality speculative development projects in Cardiff Capital Region in support of regional growth.

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