Our employee journey starts with our RISE values—Respect, Integrity, Service and Excellence. These are at the heart of our business and serve as the foundation for ensuring CBRE is a great place to work.

Advantage through Diversity

“At CBRE, we are committed to providing a work environment that attracts, develops and retains the best people and celebrates the professional success of every individual. Our diversity and inclusion practices and policies – including our support for various employee networking groups and commitment to diversity in succession planning and talent acquisition – play a big role in our strategy. They have resulted in a stronger, more diverse workforce that allows us to produce exceptional outcomes for our clients and fosters career growth for our people.”
Bob Sulentic
President and Chief Executive Officer

By creating an environment where each and every individual is valued for who they are, recognised for their contributions and given the chance to grow, we open our business up to new perspectives and opportunities.

One of our most successful means of fostering diversity and inclusion is through the ongoing support of CBRE employee network groups.

Diversity and Inclusion Week 2019

Clarence DixonAt CBRE, we are embarking on our 4th annual Diversity Week Programme. During this week we are holding a variety of educational sessions and social events targeting culture and faith, disability, wellness, gender acceptance and inclusion.

The aim of Diversity Week is to celebrate all of our people from army veterans, to apprentices and graduates. We are interacting with our clients and holding joint sessions with other market leading real estate firms to learn and understand what makes our diverse workforce important and how we can better promote and respect each other.

We are promoting “The Power of the Ally” as one does not have to be affiliated with a specific network in order to support and understand the cause. The impact of a diverse workforce ensures that we both attract the best possible talent and retain and promote individuals who understand that they are valued on their potential and performance regardless of ethnicity, gender, sexuality, religion or sexual orientation. Our diverse workforce allows us to better represent our clients, partners and advisors in ensuring we mirror them and respect their Diversity and Inclusion guidelines and requirements.

Clarence Dixon
Head of Diversity & Inclusion Steering Committee

Proud Network

CBRE's Proud Network is an internal group for LGBTQ staff and their allies throughout the UK business.

Women's Network

CBRE UK Women’s Network is a group of people united in their pursuit to make CBRE a more rewarding place, not just for women but for everyone.

REACH Network

The REACH Network provides a support network for CBRE professionals from various ethnic, religious and social backgrounds, as well as an accessible and personal educational platform for the UK business and wider industry.

Armed Forces Network

Our commitment to lead the real estate industry is also reflected in our relationship with military veterans, reservists and the wider services community.

EY's National Equality Standard Accreditation

Our CBRE Limited business is one of the first companies in the property sector to achieve this accreditation which sets clear equality, diversity and inclusion criteria against which businesses are assessed.

Managing Diversity & Inclusion in the Real Estate Sector

Book Co-Authored by Amanda Clack (CBRE) & Judith Gabler (RICS)

Gender Pay Report

Our gender pay gap is due to the current structure of CBRE’s UK workforce, which has a greater number of men in senior positions.