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Development Monitoring

An essential due diligence and governance discipline for clients with an interest in real estate developments they don’t control directly, like funders, investors, JV partners, land owners or occupiers.

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Development due diligence and monitoring provides scrutiny and risk management for clients exposed to third party development risk. It’s an essential due diligence and governance discipline for anyone with an interest in a real estate development project they don’t control directly. Our clients are typically project funders, investors, JV partners, superior land owners or occupiers for whom real estate is being developed.

We fully understand the development process and the large array of subject areas that interact with one another to make up the development life cycle.

Our services start with a detailed review of the scheme’s technical and commercial  proposals, coupled with an analysis of our client’s interest, objectives and risk profile so we  can represent them most effectively. Our development ‘know how’, project experience and the skills of our teams ensures risks are identified early and managed appropriately. We monitor developments at every stage through to project completion.

Overseeing more than £4 billion of development, we handle projects of any scale from all major asset classes. We also have access to market and subject matter experts in every discipline involved in real estate development. That means you get the benefit of a deeper understanding and more valuable insights from us.

Monitoring for Funders

We help banks and funds provide development finance with confidence on projects with values from around £1m to more than £½ billion.

Monitoring for Investors

Our knowledge of leasing practice and institutional investment-quality buildings means we can help investors shape projects to compete in the market and retain long term value.

Monitoring for Occupiers

Occupiers need to know that developers will deliver the building they need. – right down to the detail.  We provide essential hands-on governance, oversight, compliance and quality monitoring.