Healthcare Market Sentiment Survey

By Sophie Cooper and Kristen Brown

Lockdown measures implemented across the world to control infection have impacted the economy significantly and investors have been cautious throughout 2020. However, the results of this sentiment survey show the resilience of Healthcare and its robust fundamentals of a needs driven service with a widening supply & demand imbalance.

Despite the unprecedented impact of COVID-19 on the healthcare market, care operators and their staff have shown unwavering commitment to caring for their residents and have been supported by their Banks and Landlords.

In this time of uncertainty, the CBRE UK Healthcare Sentiment Survey asked participants comprising of investors, developers, operators and lenders with a combined investment of nearly £24bn for their opinions covering a wide range of topics so that we can draw out what their concerns are following the pandemic, but more importantly, why they consistently continue to see Healthcare as a growth sector.

We would like to thank all our respondents for taking the time to reply with their thoughtful and insightful answers to our questions. Their input has given us an invaluable resource enabling our Research & Analytics team to extrapolate and overlay responses from those delivering care, their lenders, investors and developers and articulate our conclusions which we share in this report.

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