CBRE is committed to fostering a culture of diversity, inclusion and belonging.

We continue to actively raise awareness and implement initiatives to bring to life a culture of inclusivity where everyone is rewarded fairly and can reach their full potential, regardless of their gender or background.

Our 2019 pay gap, which encompasses all CBRE UK employees including entities which are smaller than the legally required threshold, for median gender pay gap is 10.48% and our mean gender pay gap is 14.67%. We are pleased to report that this data demonstrates a year-on-year reduction in the gap for CBRE.

The reduction in our pay gap can be attributed to an increased focus on reducing biases throughout our employee lifecycle, including gender-neutral language in job descriptions, requiring all preferred recruitment agencies to sign up to our diversity charter ensuring they provide more balanced shortlists and strengthening our promotion process to allow us to encourage greater proportionate representation of women.

We have also ensured that there is a proportionate representation of women on our talent development programmes, and we are enabling our Executive Director population with inclusive leadership skills to raise awareness of how their biases can have a positive or negative impact on our Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) progress.

Ethnicity Pay Gap Report

CBRE Limited has also published its first ethnicity pay gap report which shows that in 2019, CBRE’s Advisory Business had a mean (average) ethnicity pay gap of 15.44% and a median (mid-point) ethnicity pay gap of 14.05%. 

Ensuring that we maintain a focus on underrepresented groups across CBRE is a priority and the publication of our ethnicity pay gap supports the commitment made in October by signing the Business in the Community’s ‘Race at Work Charter’.