In terms of our workplace and, in particular, our working practices, a question many are asking is When and how will things get back to normal and how we were before COVID-19?”

Well the answer is most likely never.

The global impacts from the pandemic will fundamentally change the way we think about every aspects of our lives, including business and work. There is a lot we will learn from our experiences of coping and adapting that we should build on. So we should not want to return back to normal. We should create a new normal that is more resilient and moves us on. And that may take longer than we think

The roadmap below is fairly generic but highlights some of the key considerations around our workplaces and working practices to the phases we see of NOW, SOON and NEXT.  Many of us now are still in a reacting mode as we seek to maintain business continuity. This will require immediate, temporary adjustments and measures, as well as re-focusing.  At some point soon we all need to think about, and plan for, what next. Many organisations are already firmly focusing on this space.  Initially this will be part of a lengthy period of adaptation where things still are not normal and there are many issues, concerns and threats we will need to continue to deal with.  This adaptation phase may take many months, but is critical to getting in the right shape for the long term - the next or the new normal.  We believe many business models will need to transform to succeed in this new world.  And our workplaces and working practices will need to adapt and transition accordingly to support and optimise this new order, recognising societal shifts in attitudes and mindsets.  This roadmap provides some initial indications of the key considerations. We will update with more details on this topic, sharing good practices and tips to help us all successfully survive to thrive.

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