CBRE’s Energy and Sustainability team provides a market-leading service for occupiers, actively helping companies to navigate sustainability legislation, reduce operational costs and increase wellness and productivity.

Our clients range from blue-chip companies with international portfolios, to individual prime commercial buildings in the largest cities such as 20 Fenchurch Street (The Walkie-Talkie) in London or La Vela in Madrid.  

Our Energy and Sustainability services allow occupiers to:

  • Reduce operational spend through utility procurement, bill validation, demand response and energy management services
  • Maximise business resilience with energy efficiency surveys, systems optimisation, asset replacement, projects identification and implementation, and smart building solutions
  • Establish and achieve energy and carbon corporate targets while enhancing brand value with sustainability index position management, international certifications (ISO) and sustainability vision & strategy development
  • Improve employee wellness through adherence to the WELL Building Standard – the world’s first building standard focused exclusively on human health and wellness
  • Understand and manage exposure to legislative, climate and market risks, ensuring 100% compliance with environmental legislation, improving real estate portfolio value and managing your carbon emissions compliance with consultancy services



We offer 19 services that cover the supply and demand of utilities and their sustainability:

  • Procurement: Ensure you are paying the best price for utilities
  • Bill management: Ensure you are paying the right amount for what you consume
  • Demand response: Monetise your energy generation capacity from backup generators, CHPs, batteries and so on
  • Data Analysis: Measure how efficient your estate is and where opportunities lie
  • Targets: Set and achieve right energy and carbon reduction targets
  • Surveys (CRE & MAS): Implement a focused programme of Energy Audits
  • No /  Low cost: 101 ways to reduce your utilities consumption with minimum or zero investment
  • Capital planning: A clear asset replacement plan based on upgrades, lifecycle & energy reduction
  • Finance: Ensure you have the capital required to upgrade your assets
  • Smart buildings: Harness the latest (IoT) technology for your smart building, linking efficient FM with Energy reduction
  • Carbon strategy: Establish a Sustainability vision and strategy that supports your corporate goals
  • ISO programs: Energy and environmental ISO systems which give your organisation competitive advantage besides operational efficiencies
  • Benchmarks: Enhancing and maintaining your sustainability brand
  • Compliance: Ensure compliance with environmental legislation and minimise exposure to taxation and levies
  • Renewables: Green energy strategies which eliminate carbon emissions and enhance your brand
  • Green portfolio: Make your buildings truly ‘Green’, and a more attractive investment  
  • Benchmarking performance: understanding how organisations and assets are performing compared to their peers
  • Science based targets: setting targets which align to the science of climate change
  • Zero carbon / carbon positive strategies: understanding what zero carbon would look like and setting the strategies to achieve it

So far we have supported 100+ clients to measure and disclose their environmental impact, to set their vision, targets and strategies for improvements, to procure utilities, and to reduce operational costs across their portfolios. 

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Our team can give you the expert guidance you need to ensure that risks, constraints and opportunities are fully taken into account in decision-making.
We provide a unique and trusted town planning and development advisory service which is the catalyst for delivering positive change in the built environment.
Building services represent a significant proportion of the cost of any building and are often, because they are complex systems, the source of a larger share of the problems faced by occupiers, developers and owners.

Our Green Dimension

As a responsible business our vision is to realise a more sustainable world for all.