If you have a commercial interest in a development – but no immediate control over its construction – our monitoring teams will protect your interests and make sure you get what you expect. Whether you’re a prospective tenant, a bank providing development finance or an investment purchaser, our team has the experience and background to help you achieve exactly what you need from a project.

Our experience spans all sectors and asset classes – and we advise on everything from smaller projects, through to large complex developments. Our monitoring surveyors are all seasoned consultants from building surveying, cost consultancy and project management backgrounds. Because we’re operating within a global group, we can tap into a very broad range of specialist teams including Building Services Engineering, Façade Engineering and Cost Consultancy. And when we need information about the commercial aspects of a development - like market appeal and investment value - we can draw upon the advice of our investment, valuation and agency colleagues.

This all adds up to well-rounded and commercially focused advice.


For occupiers pre-leasing a new development, you need the completed building to meet your requirements, to be of high quality and to perform to defined standards. You need it delivered on time – or business continuity can be affected. And of course, you need the building to be ready for your own fitting out. We have worked on behalf of many high profile tenants, providing expert insight, problem-solving and working to ensure the building meets exacting requirements at handover.

Bank Lenders

Our bank clients need us to monitor all the aspects of any development that could impact their ability to recover their capital. We help banks to make informed lending decisions by assessing risks and suggesting strategies for mitigation. The duration of the funding commitment tends to place a particular emphasis on the construction stage and immediate post-construction period of the development cycle. That’s where our expertise lies.

Investment Owners

For investors, acquiring new property through forward purchase or by fully funding new developments comes with risks. The developer’s resource and skill levels, as well and the involvement of pre-let tenants add additional levels of complexity to the normal risks of construction. We provide effective monitoring for investors, to provide essential safeguards to their immediate short term commercial exposure as well working to sustain the long-term interest they will hold in the completed asset.

Overview of our services

Working across all sectors on all types of asset, we offer:

  • Investment and Fund Monitoring
  • Bank Monitoring
  • Occupation and Tenant Monitoring

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