From the strategic to the tactical, we put you in control of compulsory purchase.

One of the most challenging areas of property law and practice, compulsory purchase comes with big risks on both sides of the process. If you’re making a claim or on the receiving end of one, you’ll need real experts on your team. That’s why so many developers, solicitors, barristers and claimants turn to specialist consultants like us. We have one of the market’s largest and most respected teams with deep technical knowledge and the unique insight that comes from being part of one of the world’s biggest property companies.

If you’re exercising powers to acquire land, we’ll work hard to accelerate your project, increase the probability of success and mitigate the risks of delay.

If you’re affected by compulsory purchase, we’ll use all our skills to make sure you’re protected effectively.

Many clients have trusted us to handle CPO for decades. They like our strategic approach, our knowledge and our success rate in securing great outcomes on both sides of the table.

Making a Compulsory Purchase Order?

Making a Compulsory Purchase Order?

It’s complicated and without guidance, it can easily go wrong.
Is your land being acquired?

Is your land being acquired?

When you’re served an order, you’ll need expert advice and someone to negotiate for you.

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Valuation and Advisory

Providing market valuations to inform compensation estimates and negotiation.

Technical Due Diligence

Preparing condition surveys at the point of transfer, backed up with costed dilapidation schedules for fixed date valuations.


Insights into prime markets. The combination of our platform and client base, coupled with a broad geographical reach delivers ‘best in class’ advice.