Managing the payment of business rates is an integral part of owning property; at CBRE we help clients with portfolios of all sizes to reduce the liability fairly.

We employ 45 business rates experts across Britain who are able to expertly advise and help you mitigate cost. Last year we saved our clients an average of £11.70 for every £1 spent on business rates advice.

We work closely with local government and the Valuation Office Agency to positively influence change around how rates are set.

CBRE’s long established reputation as a leader in commercial property services means we have a wealth of combined experience and knowledge to draw upon. We have also developed our own software which monitors change in rating listings so that we can ensure that every opportunity is pursued for clients.

Our experts don’t simply look at current liability but predict how it might change in the future, allowing you to anticipate what your costs will be at every stage of the property life cycle.

What we do

  • Deletion appeals – We can remove rates liabilities when assets are undergoing works
  • Completion Notice challenges – Where a Local Authority serves a Completion Notice in order to assess a property for business rates, we will ensure that it has been served correctly and challenge if necessary. We can also take a proactive approach in order to ensure the best possible outcome
  • Monitoring rates payable – Our technical knowledge and expertise ensures the lowest rates payable for your properties
  • Check, Challenge and Appeal – We can help you to appeal against the value of your business rates if they seem unfair
  • Forecasting for budgets – We can help you to budget by forecasting potential increases and possible refunds
  • Vacancy savings – If your property is empty, we can advise on rates mitigation strategies to decrease your liability
  • Disturbance refunds –– If a nearby development is impacting your business we can help you apply for rates relief and lodge appeals citing a material change in circumstance

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The tax relief available on commercial property assets can be significant. Yet this complex area of the UK tax legislation is often overlooked. We can make a huge difference to your bottom line. In fact, we’re so confident that you’ll be blown away by what we can help you achieve.