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Access our unique combination of advisory expertise, global institutional investor distribution and deep real estate knowledge.

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CBRE Investment Banking is the leading provider of real estate advisory and financing in the private and public markets.

We offer clients a unique combination of deep real estate knowledge, global institutional investor distribution and advisory expertise across the spectrum of real estate investment banking activities, including M&A advisory, equity placement, secondary LP trading and investment advisory.

Financial expertise with real estate knowledge.

Market knowledge – We track the market and combine sector level and capital markets expertise to deliver results for our clients that few other advisors can replicate.

Financial expertise – We have experience of banking and accountancy, understanding credit papers, credit committee processes, and due diligence. We generate value by executing deals that establish strong commercial precedents, flexible covenant packages and streamlined reporting.

Global platform – Our global network of professionals with specialised property knowledge operate in every area of real estate, meaning we can work seamlessly across borders to help you achieve your real estate objectives.


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