As environmental experts our goal is always protecting the value of your assets. When you buy, sell, redevelop or invest in land or buildings we give you the expert guidance you need about environmental risk to make confident business decisions.

To build a comprehensive profile of your site, we examine its history with a fine-tooth comb and make a detailed inspection. If we uncover a risk, we carry out a further cost-effective investigation. If we find a contamination problem, we’re able to manage the clean-up process to reduce, remove or contain the risk. If we find a flood risk, we analyse the possible consequences and advise on proportionate prevention or protection measures.

We are the only Building Surveying team in the market complemented with specialist consultants: geo-environmental engineers, quantity surveyors, building services engineers, cladding consultants and measurement experts.

Environmental Consultancy

We work across the UK and EMEA providing advice on the environmental risks and liabilities associated with ground conditions and flooding. Our team is made up of experts who are the best in their field, with specialist skills that include pollution control, due diligence/auditing and flood risk.

Our Services:
Complete site investigations, remediation design, validation service

Environmental Planning and Assessment

We help major developers handle the environmental aspects of the planning system and take their projects through to achieving consent as smoothly as possible. We assess each scheme, advising our clients so they can meet planning requirements and address environmental issues from inception through to operation. We integrate seamlessly with design and project teams, working closely with local authorities and regulators, minimising costs and delays, and most importantly, managing risk. When we need specialist advice – on anything from newts to archaeological remains – we call on our extensive network of expert consultants to keep your project moving.

Our Services:
Habitats Regulations Assessment (HRA), Sustainability Appraisal (SA) and Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA), Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA), marine licensing, reviewing and discharging planning conditions, construction and post-construction environmental management and monitoring, socio-economic impact assessment, health impact assessment

Flood Risk

Climate change has had and is likely to continue to have a massive impact on land and buildings. Understanding the risk of flooding, developing effective mitigation strategies and perhaps most importantly, having a clear picture of what flood risk means in terms of property value are fundamental for anyone involved in real estate. Our team tracks emerging policy and new legislation and is able to model the impacts for purchasers and vendors so that flood risk is properly reflected in any property decision. Our expertise offers insights that go beyond the available data, and that gives our clients a real advantage.

Our Services:
Flood Risk assessment and advice, Reports to support property transactions – Phase I and Flood Risk Appraisal, Reports to support development – Phase I and Flood Risk Assessment