Corporate Real Estate & IT Infrastructure Alignment

At CBRE we have found that bringing together IT and real estate teams to specifically discuss the company’s technical real estate assets, yields amazing results. In particular, the trend to move IT workload to the Cloud, has resulted in fixed data centre and comms room capacity being underutilised.

Typically, these projects are IT led, but it is often the case that the corporate real estate team are not involved and consequently the opportunity to right-size the facility or corporate real estate is missed.

CBRE’s CRE and IT Aligned programme, offers a complimentary 2 hour workshop to enable the relevant stakeholders within your business to explore their technical real estate and IT strategies. This will allow you to identify potential roadblocks or conflicting plans and to identify critical points of convergence and collaboration where the IT will better inform the technical real estate decision.

Realising the Potential

The Aligned Workshop programme brings together stakeholders from across your business to discover shared priorities and quickly discover opportunities to unlock value. This typically results in the identification of an aligned strategy, a joint prioritised action plan and significant opportunities to reduce cost via the Risk and Opportunity Dashboard.

Wherever you are in your real estate planning there are significant benefits to be gained by bringing together IT and real estate teams to collaborate and unlock value.