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Technical Due Diligence is essential to buying and selling property. It highlights risks, brings clarity to complex technical issues, identifies and quantifies potential liabilities, and ultimately, gives you a much stronger and better-informed position from which to negotiate.

Find all the building specialists you need in one place, from chartered building surveyors and facade consultants to services engineers, coordinated through a single point of contact, managing it all for you. We investigate everything thoroughly - including building structures and complex facade systems to the many engineering services installations - assessing their quality and condition, as well as measuring how they perform against energy legislation and the sustainability agenda. At the frontier of innovation, our Geomatics team offers 3D and BIM modelling, to provide accurate areas, floor plans and digital twins.

Technical Due Diligence Services

Buying or Selling

Buying or Selling

All the technical advice you need to buy and sell buildings quickly and with confidence. As part of your team we can often find significant opportunities to add value too.

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