We were instructed by a client to advise on ways to improve the indoor air quality of their offices in India. 

Cities in India regularly rank amongst the most polluted on Earth, and the building occupants were suffering with extremely high levels of air pollution, peaking in excess of 20 times the maximum guideline stipulated by the World Health Organisation. Complaints of stuffy indoor conditions were common amongst the building occupiers.

Our client recognised its duty of care to its employees and sought our help in assessing and recommending improvements to the building’s ventilation systems.

We carried out an air quality audit, recording and analysing data which we collated and converted to an Air Quality Index (AQI)* value.

A high-level review of the system design in the building followed, and this included an assessment of the performance of the building’s ventilation systems. The results of our analysis were examined in the context of the building’s design, and its day to day functional requirements.

We presented costed options for improving the building’s ventilation system design which were adopted by the client.

We were asked to implement these recommendations, which included upgrading air filtration systems and re-balancing the fresh air provision. The Building Consultancy team worked in collaboration with the CBRE GWS PJM and CBRE India teams. 

We produced the necessary technical specifications, advised on tender returns and took responsibility for technical oversight and management of the work in the building. CBRE India provided local project management support during the construction phase of the project. 

Illustrated below are details the Air Quality Index values collated from our audit, before and after the improvement works.

Our re-design of the ventilation infrastructure delivered a dramatic improvement of indoor Air Quality Index rates of 93% compared against ambient conditions (up from 32% before improvement works) - bringing the AQI rating down from an ‘Unhealthy’ rating to a ‘Good’ rating.

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