We help clients to realise the potential for data and digital to drive value for their businesses and assets. We identify the best digital solutions for our clients needs, shaping the strategy, informing the business case, and implementing sustainable digital change.

Digital Strategy

Identify the best digital solutions to meet your business and asset / workplace needs.

  • Digital Vision & Strategy
  • Digital Use Cases & Guiding Principles
  • Personas & User Journeys
  • Options Analysis
  • Technology Profiles
  • Digital Roadmap

Digital Procurement

Build the business case for your real estate technology investment and help you select the best providers.

  • Requirements Development
  • Best in Class Technology Market Scan
  • Balanced Scorecard
  • Business Case
  • Procurement process support

Digital Transformation

Support the successful roll-out of your digital transformation programme, helping you sustain digital change.

  • Digital Readiness and Data / Digital Maturity Assessment
  • Data and Digital Landscape Review
  • Solution Definition
  • Pilot Design and Implementation
  • Organisational Design, Change Management and Implementation

Smart Buildings

Future-proof your assets / workplaces by identifying opportunities to integrate existing systems and future technologies.

  • Digital Vision & Strategy
  • Market Health Check
  • Occupier Demand Mapping
  • Options Analysis
  • Base Build Requirements
  • Enabling Infrastructure

Case Studies

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