4 August, 2021

CBRE has recently conducted research in the legal sector via client insights and interviews with major law firms and has documented a number of key workplace focus areas for firms, as they consider their revised approach to workplace strategy post pandemic.

Key highlights:

  • Employee sentiment - most law firms have conducted staff surveys since the pandemic. The common finding is that employees still value corporate office space but do not want to go back to the office 5 days a week
  • Employee choice - most firms have been discussing the full spectrum of options, from ‘time to time’ flex working to 100% home working, with many firms settling on 2-3 days a week in the office
  • Concerns around hybrid working – like other sectors, the legal sector has concerns around hybrid working, ranging from the loss of social capital, the health and wellbeing of remote workers and the Monday/Friday empty desk scenario
  • Mining the talent pool - the reset introduced by enforced home-based working gives law firms the chance to re-evaluate how they attract talent and the role of their real estate in this process
  • Building ESG into commercial real estate – wellness office elements and sustainability will likely become more prominent in the office of the future and will further focus attention towards flight to quality real estate decisions
  • Scale and purpose - some firms anticipate occupying less office space as a consequence of more people regularly working remotely but there is consensus that requirements will be primarily driven by the people agenda rather than cost
  • Flex space - CBRE intelligence indicated that some law firms believe flex could be useful for events, support functions and local hubs, but others had concerns around confidentiality and brand identity

For further details and to view the full report please get in touch here