As Singapore navigates the unchartered waters of economic restructuring and persistent low growth in the global economy, the spotlight is on Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) as the new focus of growth. The impact of SMEs on office leasing demand has traditionally been limited due to the mismatch of their space needs versus the type of available office spaces. While they are by no means a replacement for mid and large sized companies, they are expected to play a larger role as a supplementary office demand driver. This is predicated on the following three positives: (1) strong SME and startup scene growth trends in Singapore (2) SMEs a distinct focus for the government and (3) the rise of the sharing economy. As such, landlords should find ways to cater to SMEs and include them as another source of demand alongside traditional large occupiers. With a little effort, landlords will be able to capitalise on a relatively untapped pool of demand that is expected to grow from strength to strength.