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Trends that transcend the US-UK Life Sciences industry

December 2, 2022


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The UK Life Science market may be dwarfed by the £600bn US market, but it has grown significantly over the last five years, with the employment sector growing at double the rate of wider employment. While the UK may be smaller in terms of employment size, turnover and funding, the UK punches above its weight academically with five universities within top 25 globally for biomedical sciences. Future growth of the sector will also be accelerated by the UK governments ambition to become a ‘science superpower’ by 2030, with ambitious investment goals into the sector by 2027.

Whilst the two markets differ in size, they have many similarities and a lot they can learn from one another. Our report explores four trends emanating out of the US, and examined the relevance for the UK market.   

These trends include:

  1. Biomanufacturing expansion and advancements
  2. Use of incubators and accelerators as a low cost solution
  3. Venture capital funding and real estate development pipeline
  4. Government funding into the sector

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