Portfolio and Location Advisory

CBRE's Portfolio and Location Advisory team identify the best locations for your operations, employees and customers to drive your business objectives forward.

Valuation and Advisory

We offer uniquely informed perspectives on real estate valuations and consulting, leveraging rich data, unmatched experience and consistent service.

Capital Allowances

The tax relief available on commercial property assets can be significant. Yet this complex area of the UK tax legislation is often overlooked.

Energy and Sustainability Occupier Services

Helping you achieve energy targets, increase wellness & reduce costs.

Development and Project Monitoring

If you have a commercial interest in a development – but no immediate control over its construction – our monitoring teams will protect your interests and make sure you get what you expect.

Health and Safety

Our team are specialists in construction-related health and safety regulations and will make you rethink the whole role of health and safety in your project.

Reinstatement Cost Assessments

Having the right insurance cover is essential, whether you own a single property or a large portfolio.

Lease Audits

We can help you to reduce the surcharge costs you are paying.

Building Surveying

Building Surveying make a valuable contribution to every aspect of property ownership and occupation.

Business Rates

Business rates are a significant cost for most businesses, keeping up with changes to the process and making sure you are not being overcharged can be a challenge.

Corporate Capital Markets

As an occupier or owner occupier of corporate real estate, your capital market needs are similar to those of any investor.

Supply Chain

CBRE’s Supply Chain management team provides strategic solutions to complex business problems that help drive real business advantage.

Lease Consultancy

Our specialist teams work throughout the UK, ensuring that the best possible solution is provided to clients wherever their need arises. We have experts dedicated to all asset classes.

Facade Consultancy

The external envelope of your building has a huge impact on its performance. So it pays to involve our façade specialists on your project from day one.

Environmental Consultancy

Whether you’re buying, selling, redeveloping or managing land and buildings, we can give you the expert guidance you need to ensure that risks, constraints and opportunities are fully taken into account in decision-making.

Engineering Consultancy

Building services represent a significant proportion of the cost of any building and are often, because they are complex systems.

Cost Management

For a development to be successful, costs need to be scrupulously managed from the outset.

Lease Essentials

Is it time to get your lease data under control?

Facilities Management

Optimal performance for your assets and buildings.


As measurement experts we see the world from every angle, so capturing and leveraging the value inherent in your 2D and 3D spatial data is second nature to us.

Project Management

Create or adapt your workplace to meet your business needs.

Transaction Management

CBRE delivers a market leading Transaction Management service, working with clients across their real estate interests.

Occupier Transactions

CBRE’s Occupier Transactions team work with our clients to acquire, renegotiate and dispose of business property.


Unlocking the potential of your real estate to inspire innovation, drive organisational performance and create competitive advantage.

Strategic Advisory

CBRE Strategic Advisory implement our clients’ business thinking to realise the value potential of their assets – the physical, human and digital.