Our commitment to lead the real estate industry is also reflected in our relationship with military veterans, reservists and the wider services community. CBRE recognises and celebrates their sacrifice and wishes to ensure CBRE is an environment within which they can flourish.  Furthermore, as part of our commitment, CBRE has signed the Armed Forces Corporate Covenant and has established an Armed Forces Network headed by a military veteran, which exists to promote the interests of our veterans, reservists and the service community as a whole.

Our covenant is our public pledge to recognise the sacrifices of the armed forces community and to assist with any disadvantages that they may face. Furthermore, CBRE values the transferable skills gained in the military by members of staff who are serving reservists and allows individuals 10 days additional paid leave for attendance at their two-week annual camp.

CBRE is committed to providing a world class service and that service extends to our Armed Forces community. Our signing of the Armed Forces Corporate Covenant demonstrates our commitment to making CBRE a place where their individual interests can flourish and their community spirit is encouraged. We are delighted to have been awarded a Silver Award to reflect the strength of our commitment and our aim for the future is to secure the gold award.
William Church MRICS - Co-chair, Armed Forces Network