Halfway through our life-changing Safer Cities project in Nairobi, our Corporate Responsibility Manager, Lucy Aldrich-Smith, shares an example of how the money you have donated is being used to make a difference to hundreds of girls lives. 

For women and girls, the economic opportunities that attract them to the cities are often undermined by the danger they face as they try to navigate the city to go to school or work. 

Poor services and infrastructure can exacerbate this problem, and this is particularly the case in Embakasi, one of the poorest districts of Nairobi in Kenya. In this area there is little street lighting, parks and public spaces are often dominated by men, and girls and women using public transport face regular harassment, abuse and intimidation. Girls are frequently forced to choose between staying safe at home or taking the risk of travelling to school.

Georgina"[In Nairobi] bus conductors and motorbike riders are always there to insult girls when they’re passing, or to physically or sexually harass them." - Georgina (age 18)

With support from CBRE, our EMEA charity partner, Plan International, is working in Embakasi with youth groups, public transport providers, the local government, communities and families to address these issues, and improve girls’ safety in getting around the city.

Plan International is training bus drivers to ensure safe transit for girls around the city. Through training and awareness raising Plan is encouraging drivers and public transport officials to hold each other accountable, share anti-harassment messages and stand up for girls if they see them being harassed.

Plan International Quotogram from Alexander

Together, CBRE and Plan International aim to support thousands of girls and boys to learn about gender equality, educate their communities and affect real change, making the city safer for girls.