safer cities 1As part of CBRE's Safer Cities project with Plan International, we are training and empowering girls and boys in the region of Nairobi to campaign for a more safe, inclusive and accountable city.

But, street harassment isn't a problem isolated to Nairobi. Too many girls continue to suffer relentless harassment and abuse in cities across the world.

In the report, 'Unsafe in the City', recently launched by Plan International, thousands of girls and young women share their stories of harassment and violence, providing a glimpse of what girls around the world experience in their cities and the impact this has on their lives. 

safer cities 2A common theme behind the girls' stories is the relentlessness of street harassment. Girls navigate cities adapting their behaviour to minimise potential unwanted attention or danger on a daily basis, for example taking different routes, pretending to be on the phone, or changing what they wear.

Plan's report makes several recommendations on empowering girls in cities and, as you might expect, better education around girls' rights in schools and homes plays a key role.  The report also shows how city infrastructure can play a part, highlighting the need for girls' safety to be more rigorously considered by city planners and urban developers.

safer cities 3In Kenya, our Safer Cities project is making excellent progress in changing the status quo for girls in Embakasi. The project is helping to educate boys and men on harmful stereotypes and gender equality, as well as campaigning the government and local authorities to acknowledge and change girls' experience of public spaces. 

Safer Cities is changing the story for girls in Embakasi, but with girls worldwide reporting daily harassment, it's clear that we still have a long way to go to achieving gender equality.

safer cities 4