In February 2015, Shelter became our first ever one-team charity partner. During our 3-year programme we supported over 5,500 families facing poor housing and homelessness (read how below).  

Following this successful partnership, we have now embarked on our second charity partnership with Action-for-Children.

Thanks to the amazing engagement of our staff, we smashed our £250,000 target within the first year, so we extended our partnership to three years and raised our fundraising target to a £1million. In true CBRE spirit our people rose to the challenge and, by the end of the partnership in December 2017, had raised a remarkable £1,028,524. This massive achievement funded Shelter advisors in 9 of their Service Centres, and helped over 5,500 families facing a desperate situation to find a place called home.

Every CBRE team participated in the partnership through fund raising, such as bike rides, bake-offs, marathons, treks, and more, or volunteering which included over 1,350 hours working in Shelter’s shops, helping at events, and redecorating properties. At Christmas, staff also generously gifted over 1,500 presents to homeless families who otherwise would not have receved a gift. One family told us: “a weight has been lifted from our shoulders, our children will now have presents to open on Christmas Day”.

More than just fundraising
In addition to fundraising and volunteering, CBRE has donated 275 hours of pro-bono support to Shelter as part of the company’s aim to make a long-term difference to the charity. CBRE’s team used their expertise on a range of projects across Shelter’s portfolio identifying property savings of over £3.7 million across the next five years. Pro-bono initiatives included the creation of a new retail location strategy for Shelter which resulted in the charity opening a new boutique style Shelter Shop in Hampstead Health in October 2016. This shop instantly became one of Shelter’s top three performing shops in the UK. Shelter are now looking to open three new shops per year.

Continuing our legacy with Shelter
Whilst 2018 will see us move forward with a new Charity partner – we will also be working to extend our legacy with Shelter through a small discreet project focused on responding to some of the tenant health and safety issues exposed as result of the Grenfell Fire. We will also continue to provide pro-bono support to Shelter.

Our project work with LandAid and other charity partners will also continue as part of our wider communities and giving programme focused on Building a Better Future for young people.
Ciaran Bird, Managing Director, CBRE UK, commented: “What we have achieved through shared action to help families across the UK is quite remarkable. We chose to work with Shelter because we believe the property industry has an important role to play in tackling the root causes of homelessness. Everyone at CBRE can take real pride in the difference this partnership has made to thousands of families who now have a place they can call home.”

Polly Neate, CEO, Shelter, said: “I wanted to say a heartfelt thank you to everyone at CBRE. The passion, determination, and sheer effort put into supporting this partnership has been immense. Our partnership has helped over 5,500 families at risk of homelessness or bad housing, and created a long-term difference to Shelter’s business as a result of CBRE’s property expertise.”

To find out more about our work with Shelter, click here to read our Impact Report, or on the image below.

A partnership for change. Shelter + CBRE building a better future for UK families facing homelessness.