What attracted you to a career at CBRE?
Apart from being the largest commercial real estate firm in the world, it was CBRE’s industry leading commitments to gender balance initiatives and the Women’s Network that attracted me to a career at CBRE. Being a female in a stereotypically male dominated environment, it was important to me that I chose a firm where I would feel that I would fit in and valued.

What have you enjoyed the most since working at CBRE? (this doesn’t have to be work, extra-curricular activities as well at CBRE)

Since joining CBRE just over a year ago I have been fortunate enough to work on a wide range of projects. I was in the residential development consultancy team during my first rotation as part of the Planning and Development pathway and was able to see some of London’s most amazing new build homes, some over £50 million! Though I think it would be the level of responsibility graduates can get from day one that I have enjoyed the most.

Describe a typical day at work?

What I enjoy the most about my role as a graduate surveyor is that every job and every day is different. However, I always start the day checking my emails and my to do list to make sure there is nothing urgent and then plan for the rest of the day. My day could entail going on site visits across Central and Greater London inspecting anything from car parks to penthouses! Or I could be spending the day in the office doing site appraisals which could be pricing models for over 1,000 new build residential units or detailed planning site analysis of sites and buildings across London.

What is your key piece of advice for someone applying?

Do not use the same application you have used elsewhere! Spend a lot of time researching before you apply, whether that is down to the firm, the sector or what is going on in the wider property world.

But overall have some fun with your application, allow your personality to show and enjoy it!