What attracted you to a career at CBRE?
I was attracted to a career at CBRE for a number of reasons, but one of the most important for me was that, as the largest consultancy firm, CBRE is able to give grads the opportunity to work with some of the largest clients and work on the biggest deals. CBRE is at the forefront of the industry, and able to generate change rather than following change. CBRE’s size means they can also offer graduates the chance to work in a variety of departments and collaborate across teams, learning about all spectrums of the industry.

What have you enjoyed the most since working at CBRE? (this doesn’t have to be work, extra-curricular activities as well at CBRE)

I have enjoyed being able to have daily contact with colleagues of all experience levels - in my second week I worked directly with senior directors, playing a key role in a deliverable for a client! Its really valuable to find a firm where senior members of the team are able to devote time to help me develop in my career.

Describe a typical day at work?

I get into work at around 8:30 and check my email, catch up on any admin and check my calendar for the day.

I typically spend my morning working on a report, likely for a new property that is being added into a fund. I will look at the location, lease schedule and comparable evidence to begin building a profile of the building.

At 12:30 I meet up with my fellow graduates for lunch, where we catch up on how we are all doing and comparing what we have achieved.

After lunch, I may be invited to attend a client meeting with my team. These meeting are a valuable opportunity to learn about what my team are achieving, and seeing what I should be aiming for in a year’s time!

I will spend the rest of the afternoon finishing my work – making sure to ask my colleagues lots of questions, before heading home for the night.

What is your key piece of advice for someone applying?

My key piece of advice is to do your research! Really make sure that you know what role you’re applying to, the reasons why you want the job, and most importantly why CBRE. There are so many reasons that make CBRE stand out from its competitors, but it is very important to get these across in the application process!