Designed for graduates who want to work in commercial property.

Our two-year Commercial Property programme offers the breadth of experience needed to work across almost all areas of our business. This structured programme focuses on the completion of the Assessment of Professional Competence (APC) through the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). Throughout the two-years, graduates can expect to work in a minimum of two departments. These may include: Agency, Development, Investment, Professional and Valuation.

Non-cognate pathway

We welcome candidates from any degree discipline onto this programme. You will still complete your APC within the 2 year timeframe like the other graduates, but in addition you will complete a Part-time RICS accredited Masters over the 2 years paid for by CBRE.

This is a fantastic opportunity to make an early entrance into a Real Estate career.When you make your application, you will need to choose the ‘Commercial property, Non Cognate pathway'.


1.What University will I study at for the Masters?

This will be a Part-time course at University College of Estate Management (UCEM) (Real Estate Msc).

2.Will CBRE pay for my masters?

Yes, the cost of the course will be covered by a sponsorship agreement.

3.How do I apply for the Masters?

When we have made an offer to you, we will provide you with the application form which you will need to complete and submit to University College of Estate Management directly.

4.What is the Masters program timetable?

The modules are taught in blocks of 3 days – Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. These take place every 6-8 weeks during the university’s term time. There is also a 4 day field trip to a European city as part of the course in the first year.

5.What is the type of assessment on the Masters course?

Completely coursework based, in the form of individual assignments, presentations and group work. There are no written exams.

6. Will I have to write a dissertation?

Yes, in order to qualify for the Masters degree you will need to.

7. Is the application process different for non-cognates?

No it is exactly the same, you will just need to choose the correct pathway when you apply ‘Commercial property- non RICs accredited degree’.