M&A/Private Equity Due Diligence

What we do

We provide due diligence and portfolio optimisation acquisition advice for private equity companies based on our understanding of retailer performance and market potential.
The ability to use store expansion/divestment strategy as a base allows us to inform clients about the future viability of businesses they are looking to acquire.
We carry out store strategy from an ‘outside in’ perspective, using our knowledge of European retail markets and supported by local teams. We also provide advice on how to reduce occupier’s costs through restructuring/regearing portfolios to create competitive advantage in the sale/acquisition process.

How you benefit

  • In order to understand future value, clients need to understand the true revenue potential of a specific retailer in order to run financial models from an investment perspective (IRR, % margin etc).
  • Understanding potential for growth, and the ‘optimised portfolio’ enables the client to future proof their investments, and understand turnover which is achievable and rents that would be required in specific locations.

Key contact

Nick Martel

Chief Operating Officer

Nick Martel

T: +44 20 7182 2340


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