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With the retail landscape becoming increasingly competitive, through the diversification of channels, the physical presence and location of retailers has become even more important. Choosing the most successful locations can speed up business expansion and reduce investment risks to ensure retailers remain a step ahead of changing demand.
Our Retail Strategy team provide strategic advice to retailers, landlords and other organisations across the UK and EMEA to help them make the most profitable business decisions. This is supported by knowledge of real estate fundamentals combined with geo-analytics. Our team of technical consultants in London are connected with consultants in every major European city, enabling an agile and adaptable understanding of each market. This allows us to provide statistically rigorous and locally supported knowledge that reflects real world conditions.

Our work is predominantly based on the following initiatives:

•               Accurately defining the catchment areas of 14,000 retail destinations
•               Assessing market size and the local consumer demographic
•               Considering the impact of competitors
•               Identifying key sales drivers for each brand through regression modelling
•               Analysing turnover potential in new markets
•               Implying margin using forecast turnover and property costs

Key contact

Martin Summerscales


Martin Summerscales

T: +44 20 7182 2041

Amy Bell


Amy Bell

T: +44 20 7182 2493


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