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Did you know that a significant part of the expenditure you incur, whether as a tenant or owner, qualifies for tax relief via the capital allowances legislation?  It is not unusual for us to find that up to 80% of your retail store fit-out costs qualify for relief.  For example, for every £100,000 of capital expenditure incurred on a store fit-out, you could expect to save between £15,000 and £20,000.

Within CBRE we have a team of capital allowances specialists who have property, quantity surveying and tax backgrounds and we have extensive experience of providing advice to retail clients during the design, construction, acquisition and disposal process.  We specialise in undertaking fully disclosed and detailed capital allowances reports that can be submitted to Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC), to support your claim for capital allowances purposes and we have an exemplary track record in agreeing claims with HMRC, without having to reduce the level of qualifying expenditure.


  • Many retailers rely on in and out-of-house accountants to identify their capital allowances.  Following the traditional approach, the accountant is brought in at the end of a refurbishment programme and provided with the capital expenditure information from the project team. 
  • Regularly these details do not include the pricing breakdowns the accountant requires in order to make an accurate assessment of what elements qualify for capital allowances purposes.
  • The accountant is forced to seek more information that does not exist, resulting in considerable costs and/or time delays.
  • Without the necessary property expertise, they struggle to collect what they require from all parties involved, such as mechanical & electrical consultants.
  • To avoid this, many make safe estimates based on incomplete information.
  • As specialists with expertise in property and tax, we become an integral part of your project team, and we advise on the ‘tax efficiency’ from inception through to completion of your retail store fit out. 
  • We manage the information flow of detailed cost breakdowns, and when this is not available, we have the expertise to produce estimates where required. 
  • Subsequently, we draft our claim reports in line with your main contractor’s final account and then reconcile this to your fixed asset ledgers. 
  • Following the completion of the claim report, we then deal directly with HMRC to agree the claim on your behalf.
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Enhanced Capital Allowances


Graham Burrell

Senior Director - Head of Capital Allowances

Graham Burrell

T: +44 20 7182 2092

Peter Mildenhall

Senior Director

Peter Mildenhall

T: +44 20 7182 3834


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