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On behalf of landlords we reduce costs, maximise tax reliefs and refunds, and manage risk through a comprehensive range of rating initiatives.These initiatives can be offered as individual services, most notably with AUDIT and Rates Management, or one cohesive service. We know that every client has different requirements and operates with different economic and environmental drivers. That is why we tailor our rating services to meet their individual needs.

Our objective is to deliver:-

  • The lowest possible rates liability.
  • The reassurance that we are defending your interests through active management of your portfolio.
  • The ability for you to budget with confidence when making property decisions.

Through a team of 35 rating surveyors based across our UK and Ireland office network we have long term track record of delivering results on single assets and national portfolios.


Where a site is unfit for occupation we will seek to delete the assessment from the rating list, removing the Business Rates liability. This may be during a fit out or refurbishment.

Completion Notice Appeals

For unoccupied new build or previously deleted sites,  a Completion Notice must be served by the Local Authority before a Rateable Value is applied. These Notices are often served incorrectly and can be appealed. A successful appeal will result in a deferred liability.

Reducing bottom line property costs

With business rates forming an increasingly significant element of bottom line property costs we formulate a hard hitting appeals strategy which focuses on reducing annual payments.

Leveraging changing circumstances

Changes which impact on the use or occupation of a property can give rise to a rates savings opportunity. By thinking creatively we ensure that all new savings opportunities are captured.

Efficiency Review Of Occupation

By reviewing previous trends we can analyse the occupational use of distribution sites and stores/department stores 12 months in advance. We can formulate a strategy with you to enable us to secure refunds against vacant space.

Allowances For Vacant Space

Where a site is vacant or part occupied we can ensure that the vacant element is not liable for rates.


Through a dedicated rates audit team we recover historic overpayments whether they be due to error, retrospective taxation relief, or change brought about by legal recourse. CBRE audit service extends across wider property costs and taxes including capital allowances and utility payments. Accurate information ensuring our clients can budget for future rating costs with confidence.

Rates management and payment

Whether it’s checking rates demands prior to authorising payment or a more comprehensive rates management service, the CBRE team is able to help.

How you benefit

The value of CBRE specialist expertise, market knowledge, and relationships delivers results:

  • Reduced costs and cash recoveries
  • Informed decision making
  • Accurate payments and budgeting
  • Reduced burden of management

Our services

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Tim Attridge

Senior Director

Tim Attridge

T: +44 20 7182 2717


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