We enable our clients to focus on their core business

by managing their real estate with total efficiency

Property and Asset Management

Achieving the best performance from your assets demands the best Property Management Services.  Something visionary, proactive and dedicated to achieving and exceeding the objectives which you set for yourselves quickly and efficiently.  We are uniquely positioned to do this through our ‘brilliant basics’ approach combined with our local knowledge and international reach.  

From 12 Offices across the UK, CBRE’s Property and Asset Management team deliver services to 4,430 properties for over 350 clients.  We collect £2 billion in rent and service charges each year and engage with 19,400 occupiers who lease 197 million square feet of accommodation, procuring over £310 million of services each year.

We provide a creative, tailored and measurable management solution and access to our international expertise and extensive market information, resulting in maximum long-term value for our clients’ property assets and reduced exposure to risk and shortfalls.

Working with our property management team

For our clients, Property Management is a mission critical function, the outsourcing of which allows them to focus on their core business; for us it is our core business.  At CBRE we enable our clients to focus on their core business by managing their real estate with total efficiency - and always with the aim of maximising its value.  With specialist teams covering Central London, National Portfolios, Shopping Centres and Mixed Use portfolios, we ensure that our clients receive the best advice for their properties.

Why do our clients choose to work with us?

Our clients are invaluable to us and we build long term relationships by providing an experience which ensures they return to CBRE for their Property and Asset Management requirements. We look after the smallest details of our clients’ property, as well as the bigger picture, aligning the management of their real estate to their wider strategic aims. We anticipate needs, deal with issues long before they become problems and tailor services precisely to our clients and their real estate. 

We provide:

  • A creative, tailored and measurable management solution
  • Access to our international expertise and extensive market information

Resulting in:

  • Maximum long-term value for your property assets
  • Reduced exposure to risk and shortfalls

Our services

Whether our clients own large portfolios or individual properties, we deliver a custom mix of products and services that include:
Property and Facilities Management
This is the core of what we do and includes liaising with our clients and customers and ensuring we are reporting to them regularly. We ensure properties are legally and architecturally presentable. This is key to ensuring our clients’ properties are in a ‘sale ready’ condition.

Financial accounting
We have more qualified staff than any other agent, rent collection and service charge administration is the core of what we do.  We operate to statutory and SPV level accounting.

Within the team we have people that deal with large Central London and mixed use properties, a shopping centre team, a specialist asset management team which manages village style properties such as Carnaby Street and lastly we have teams that manage the operations of national portfolios.

Occupier liaison
Keeping regular contact with our client’s occupiers is key in order to fully understand their needs.

Risk Management and Sustainability
Maintaining a fair and safe reputation as a landlord is critical to attracting and retaining occupiers. We actively manage risk and compliance to protect the client and occupiers.  Our health and safety team works with suppliers and our property and facilities managers work to ensure that our properties are safe and risk free.

Lease Management
We ensure occupiers are complying with their lease terms as this is fundamental to protecting the value of our clients’ property. Our in-house client-based property management system ensures that data is accurate and ensures occupiers comply with lease terms.

This occurs through large portfolio transactions or individual properties and ensures that there is no loss of data or embedded knowledge at the transfer of property or properties.  We have a very experienced transition team that deal with this work and gives comfort to our clients.

CBRE Commercialisation business focuses on unlocking hidden revenue streams through non-core real estate activities, on behalf of the landlord. This not only leads to a secure, sustainable and lucrative income for landlords, but can also increase the capital value of the asset in certain cases.  To name a few of the types of activities his team are involved in include; popup retail, specialty leasing, advertisement, filming and photography, vending service, telecommunication, ATM and much more. Contact Amit Rattu for more information.  Download the latest commercialisation brochure here.

Premier Properties

Major cities around the world are often defined by their most iconic buildings. Distinctive in stature and structure, these premier properties command the highest levels of service and operational expertise; nothing less than top-notch will do. Recognising this, we have designed a specialised program - known as Premier Properties - to provide the calibre of sophisticated management required by these prestigious properties worldwide. For more information on this service please contact David King.